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What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?

There are over 455,000 consumer services in the United States, and these businesses have a combined annual revenue of more than $300 billion in 2015. But, what companies are in the consumer services field?

Certain aspects such as leisure and hospitality, retail and wholesale, education, health, and social are all parts of the consumer service field.

The consumer services field is incredibly varied and vast.

It is made up of businesses in media, retail, food distribution, healthcare, hospitality, and finance.

Some of the best-known businesses are in the consumer services field, as these companies interact with their customers regularly.

Which Industries Are in The Consumer Services Field?

  • Travel and tourism
  • Consumer goods
  • Banking and Finance
  • Media and entertainment
  • Cable and Direct
  • eCommerce stores
  • Lodging and Resorts
  • Broadcast Satellite Providers
  • Retails stores
  • Personal Care
  • Airlines
  • Technology Products and Services
  • Education
  • Rental
  • Restaurant

All these industries have multiple consumer service field positions.

So, let’s take a look at what companies are in the consumer services field:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?

If you are interested in the consumer services field, then you need to find out which companies are your potential employers.

Here are some of the best consumer service brands:

1. Amazon:


Number of Employees: 1,608,000 employees

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

The multinational corporation diversifying into AI, cloud computing, and eCommerce, Amazon’s business model caters to millions of customers worldwide.

So, there are always customer support job requirements.

The Amazon customer services departments provide a large plethora of services that are beneficial to consumers.

Options such as the 30-day free trial option for Prime membership, allow members to watch TV shows and movies from the brand’s collection with no added charges.

Additionally, Fresh grocery delivery options are available for Amazon consumers.

2. Costco Wholesale:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 288,000 employees

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

Costco is a global retail brand that offers multiple services such as photo printing, prescription drugs, and optometry services.

The brand offers bulk buying options at low prices in exchange for membership fees.

There are over 800 warehouses across Canada, Spain, Korea, the USA, and other nations.

Because they provide customer service across the globe, there is a high demand for customer service employees.

3. Airbnb:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 6132 employees

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Businesses such as Airbnb have revolutionized the consumer service field.

The brand allows people to rent rooms to travelers, tourists, and individuals looking for places to stay.

The business has faced multiple legal issues with hotel chains to now enter a billion-dollar enterprise.

Airbnb has millions of users worldwide and because of this, there are multiple positions in the customer service field from social media managers to hosting services.

4. Apple Inc:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 154,000 employees

Headquarters: California

If you are wondering – What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?

Then Apple Inc. should come to mind.

This consumer service pioneering brand has multiple products and services such as phones, computers, tablets, headphones, and other gadgets.

One of the biggest advantages of working for Apple Inc. is that service and support departments can connect from home.

5. HelloFresh:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 5000 employees

Headquarters: Germany

HelloFresh produces meal kits and also supplies customers from many nations such as Denmark, the USA, Australia, and Sweden, then, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand also.

The company’s goal is to present its customers with fresh ingredients, meal plans and recipes as well as assist them in cooking simple yet healthy dishes at home which they can share with their close ones.

The HD employees are located in various parts of the world in (as) different departments including supply chain management, communications, production, engineering, and client support.

6. Pfizer:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 10,000 employees

Headquarters: New York

This drug company interacts with medical practitioners (physicians) and political authorities (governments) globally to create a healthier world.

However, it is necessary to be specific, because the answer to this question is the companies that belong to the consumer services field.

Pfizer employs specialists to help develop, deliver, and support healthcare options for customers.

Employees can work remotely in specific positions such as customer services fields.

7. Herc Rentals:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 5,000 employees

Headquarters: Florida

Herc Rentals is a brand with over 265 branches across multiple countries that offer safe, and efficient equipment.

Besides that, customers can hire mobile construction equipment including trucks, generators, concrete mixers, wheel trailers, masonry tools, wheel mechanisms and so on.

The Herc Truck Rental is a great choice for those who want to work in the sectors of IT, sales, management, marketing, and repair services.


8. Thumbtack:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 1,000 employees

Headquarters: California

Another brand in our list of ‘What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?’ is Thumbtack.

Homeowners can now easily find specialists for minor repairs to complete remodeling options using Thumbtack.

The brand offers instructions for users to maintain their homes themselves as well.

The business has multiple jobs available in account management, and customer support, to help both customers and professionals connect.

9. Air Canada:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 10,000 employees

Headquarters: Canada

Trans-Canada Airlines was incorporated in 1937, Canada.

However, in 1965, the matter of a bill was taken up to the PM Jean Chretien’s office who later in 1968 had the firm’s moniker changed from Trans-Canada Air Lines to Air Canada.

It is certainly a prevalent air carrier of Canada taking the first place due to the amount of passengers carried and number of fleets.

We place our main office in Montreal, and our hubs are located in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Working with our vast customer service team, we provide different positions in the field.

10. Talkdesk:

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field

Number of Employees: 5,000 employees

Headquarters: California

Our list of companies in the consumer services field is started by Talkdesk, a cloud contact center that enables services on behalf of companies to enhance their customer care services.

Talkdesk assisted the customer service satisfaction ratings of more than 1400 companies by means of quality call interactions and app integration applications in the year 2011.

The Talkdesk workforce is a culture-based, fast-paced, and innovative environment.

It offers a variety of jobs for those in the IT sector in multiple locations across the globe.


There are multiple brands and companies to work for in the customer service department.

The consumer services field market is flourishing in time to come as more and more people are becoming dependent on online sales and deliveries that may require support.

If you are planning to join this industry, we hope that our list helps answer your question of ‘ What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field?’

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