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Top 10 Websites To Find Investment Property For Sale

The realtors industry is a dynamically developing area where the search for the “sale of property” unites the most sophisticated investors and those fresh on the market, who certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to own real estate either.

By the year 2024, the industry which was tasked with the since 2024 has witnessed record-breaking performance in terms of growth.

The unique nature of real estate investment lies in the fact that one cannot sell it randomly these days; instead, one finds in it the perfect opportunity for a long-term investment with full ownership of property, land, or houses, which are relatively very discounted right now.

Paradoxically, nowadays, 90% of all big players in the games have their own real states and bring good results by this activity.

While understanding the pros and cons of real estate business processes is one thing that matters gauging profitability is another thing that is noteworthy.

The fact is two years after starting to collect revenue from property acquisition, the benefits can be surprisingly positive.

Many times, investors receive fantastic benefits from the provision of strategic planning regarding compliance with the established structures in the emerging realms. These plans sometimes even provide them with seldom-seen overt profit, which may be increased up to twice (or more).

Not to say that the process of searching for the property you most want to invest in will be speedy, but it will also be a much less time-consuming one. This is because these old days of observation before real estate purchase are no more.

People may think that there is no something that can be done to help them in this situation which is not true. I have great news for you here by stating that I have a well-designed list championing the top 10 sites where you will have powerful investment properties in year 2024.

Whether you’re an experienced real estate consultant or an amateur, that list of things to do is for every single one of us; from carpenters, doctors, lawyers and whatnot, all are very much welcome!

Best 10 Websites To Find Investment Property For Sale in 2024

Take off through the commanding positions of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) like CEO, CIO, and Portfolio Manager to achieve the objective of portraying what REITs have to offer to the thriving business world.

Below is a hand-picked leave of 10 websites to look for an Investment Property For Sale that is available in the market in 2024.

1. Auction

Website:, as the word ‘Auction’ in its name suggests, is a website that mainly deals with the auction of houses.

Ocwen Funding purchases at auction virtually all kinds of real estate, for example, foreclosures, short sales, commercial real estate, etc.

Every public auction can take place within a courtroom where the platform is from a live sale stream either by use of the courtroom or from a live mega-auction.

Surely, this website is helpful when you are now to jump into an auction you want because you can in an easy manner fly through the area. empowers you with particulars such as the details of the property, the bids, and the storage plans.

You will also be prodded with how-to guides which will assist you in your auction process.

The site features an auction calendar in which all the future auctions are listed along with the assets sold, asset type, and the medium of auction.

You can get good value property here which you can further sell to bag some profit.

2. Loopnet


Loopnet is a leading website that allows you to search for real estate and properties, especially for sale and lease purposes.

You can also search properties in your preferred or targeted area, by simply entering the address and other qualifying criteria, and then LoopNet will perform a thorough search in its inventory to find the real estate that suits your preference.

This website is packed with plenty of other features you can search property records in your preferred area and you will be provided with a database of information.

Everything on this website works seamlessly and most of the things are absolutely free of cost.

There are also some paid options that allow you access to a greater database.

3. Roofstock


Rootstocks is a leading website that is designed especially for buying and selling rental properties.

You can buy a property sight unseen and that is a very useful feature for investors.

The company has an amazing team of experienced property managers and partners that help in buying property effortlessly.

There are 3 ways to buy property in Roofstock.

  • You can get direct ownership of single-family rental properties.
  • You can do a portfolio investment to diversify your holdings
  • You can also get fractional ownership.

Roofstock has an in-depth analysis of each property built into the listing information.

Roofstock is well aware of the needs and wants of investors and that is why they make it much easier to match properties with the goals and strategies of investors.

4. Zillow


Zillow offers its users free in-depth market data and also provides them investment tools that assist investors with their investment plans and goals.

Investors who are looking to get a real state license by spending thousands of dollars can save their money by using Zillow because MLS services have a deal of data syndication with Zillow.

Like this, you can save your hard-earned money and invest it in your real state.

Zillow makes investing in properties seamless and easy.

5. Craigslist


If you are looking for a simple way of finding property then Craigslist is the place for you.

You can go near the country where you are interested in finding property and then search for a specific area of your preference and then Craigslist will show you real estate that can match your preference.

Craigslist also has an extensive database where you can find materials and blogs to assist you with your real estate journey.

6. Propstream


Propstream is a platform, especially for professional real estate investors.

This platform has extensive data software and analytics which helps investors to conduct a real investment analysis.

The data on the prop stream is very trustworthy as it is sourced from multiple trustworthy sources and amalgamated into one powerful piece of data.

Investors can get complete information about the seller like his information, tax records, HOA, etc.

Investors can also target markets with motivated sellers using the skip racing function.

7. Realtor


Using Realtor you can search through thousands if not millions of listings that are compiled from over 900 MLS databases throughout the country.

You are also provided with the option to do a search exclusively for foreclosure.

The best feature of this website is the home value tool.

You just need to enter a street address or zip code of the place where you prefer or buy real estate and the realtor will provide you the assessed value of homes in that area, this feature is very handy for beginner investors.

If you sign up for ‘search assistance then you will be provided with up-to-date listed data that is based on in-depth research.

8. Deal Machine


The Deal Machine has brought the experience of buying real estate from physically visiting the site to the comfort of your home or office.

It has made dealing and buying real estate very easy and fully automated.

The investor has the option of viewing submitted photos and also the identifier information. In addition to that, William not only feasts his eyes on the details of the seller’s personality but also the property’s stand out features, such as building information, tax, rent, mailing addresses of the owner all at a single glance.

Now how to go about this? All you need to do is to click on the contact tool of the property of your interest and your mail is sent to the landlord or manager of the property within seconds.

With easy and quick tendering of all kinds of prospects with the wheelhouse, your sales reps can handle and keep track of numerous opportunities in a short, efficient, and convenient time, consequently placing your company in front of your competitors.

9. Trulia


Like other platforms, Trulia gives you a variety of insightful data about any house that you intend to buy.

It provides details around crime rate, schools statistics and many others.

You only have to tell your desired location, and then real estate companies will show you their properties among which you have to pick up.

This website is absolutely my own because it is very handy and simple.

10. Property Shark


Conversing with the main of Property Shark which is information retrieval which can be done as soon as you register the free account, you automatically get access to much data.

The records of properties that an investor uses are not just simple facts that the property shark will laud over or accuse or glorify while buying or selling real estate; instead, it is part and parcel of the true story of any property which explains a lot about the property.

Empowered with the owner’s name, address, and contact information as well as property tax categories, and square footage among other criteria with a click of keys one can grasp the search that was imaginable just a few years ago.

That could come among the facilities that would include different property types such as residential properties and commercial properties. And, you will have a brief description of what the neighborhood looks like.


Finally, the most prominent feature shared by the 2024 “investment property ownership” searches is the ability to follow a good strategy, however as is the case, we have to learn how to do this.

Online services are now a real game-changer for the investors in terms of how they search for leads which they are able to do with as ease as possible via accessibility, advanced information, research and best-practice scope.

Amongst the bedrock of a successful and productive property venture is a crisp and perfectly crafted economic strategy, based on the aggregate of rigorous market analysis and the best interests of the investor.

However, most of the investors are experienced in this trade as well as the beginners who trade online. Hence, acquiring the right technology may not only increase your efficiency but also profits in online trading platforms.


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