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Is Industrial Machinery and Components A Good Career Path?

Is industrial machinery and components a good career path?

If you are looking for the answer to this particular question you are in the right place.

To achieve success you must consider your skills, education, speciality and obviously the field you are planning to work in.

And in case industrial machinery and components is something you want to walk on, here, we will discuss whether it is a good career path or not.

Industries That Need Industrial Machines and Components

Though industrial machines and components are needed by each and every flourishing industry here is a list of sectors whose needs are above others.

Job Opportunities in The Machinery and Component Industry

If you want to start your career in the machinery and component industry, you must hire some workers or employees.

Here, you also need to consider the career opportunities here, so let’s get started with that.

(i) Mechanical Engineers

No industry can start without an engineer.

He is the one who designs the product, chooses the best suitable material, and makes the product more and more efficient.

He is the mind behind your industry’s products.

(ii) R&D Department

Your machinery and component industry needs constant product development and will always need new machinery and components to cater to new challenges.

Here R&D department (research and development department) comes into play.

They are a group of engineers, designers, marketers, etc who develop new products or upgrade the existing ones.

(iii) Instrumental Engineer

The machinery and component industry is packed with complicated electronic devices.

If one of them shuts down it can hamper the production of the company.

To save the machinery and component industry from that an instrumental engineer is hired by the industry.

He looks after the well-being of all the instruments of the company, and in case of any problem, he repairs them as soon as possible.

(iv) Weldors

You will need a welder in your arsenal.

He has a basic function, to weld objects together.

However, when working in an industry the welding functions can be complicated, and hence a professional welder is a very important part of an industry.

(v) Software Engineers

Your company will run on software.

Software is like the mind of an industry, if there is just one defect in the software all the products in the assembly line can suffer.

Hence a software engineer to counter such problems and make the company software more and more efficient is required.

(vi) Equipment Operator

You will need an equipment operator.

Your industry will be filled with equipment, hence there should be one professional of that equipment.

(vii) Mechanic

A mechanic is responsible for repairing some sudden malfunctions in the machines.

He has expertise in mechanical engineering and is able to counter problems related to machines efficiently.

(viii) Millwrights

The assembly line workers are also the main component of your industry.

After all, they are the ones who will put together all the parts and make them into something functional.

Assembly line workers will consist of 70% of your company.

What Are The Qualifications Required To Work in The Industrial Machinery and Component Industry?

It is confirmed that a machinery and component industry is not child’s play and you need to have some qualifications to work in such an industry.

Getting professional training will boost the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Here Are Some Qualifications Needed To Work in The Machinery and Component Industry

  • Engineering degree in your particular field.
  • 18+ years of age.
  • High school certificate
  • Experience in the particular field (internships or work experience)

The Benefits of Working in The Machinery and Component Industry?

Now, we’ll talk about the benefits of working in the machinery and component industry.

Health Insurance

All the employees in the machinery and component industry are awarded health insurance because of the nature of the work.

Retirement Plans

Many renowned machinery and component industries offer attractive retirement plans to their employees.

Sick Time Leave

The machinery and component industry has a provision to give you sick leaves so that you can heal better.

Disability Insurance

Because of the risk involved in the machinery and component industry, the employees are awarded disability insurance.

What is The Salary in The Machinery and Component Industry?

Your salary depends upon the work assigned to you.

An engineer will be paid more than an assembly line worker.

However, one thing is sure the machinery and component industry doesn’t shy away from paying handsomely to its top employees.

Lowest Hourly Salary

The lowest salary that is awarded to the workers like assembly line workers and other low-level jobs is $26.50 an hour which is $55,000 a year.

Median Salary

With some experience and a good position in the industry, you can earn somewhere between

$60,000 to $100,000 per year.

Skills Required to Work in The Machinery and Component Industry

There are a few skills that you need to have to excel in the machinery and component industry.

  • Communication skills.
  • Patience.
  • Ability to handle a lot of stress.
  • Eagle eye.
  • A high degree of coordination.
  • Time management.
  • Problem-solving.
  • A high degree of analysis.
  • Efficient planning.

These are the core skills required to work in the machinery and component industry.


In conclusion, exploring ‘Is Industrial Machinery/Components A Good Career Path?‘ has unveiled a dynamic landscape full of opportunities and challenges.

For those passionate about innovation and precision, this sector offers a promising and fulfilling career path.

The continual learning and adaptability required in this field contribute to a journey of discovery and impactful contributions to technological advancements, making it more than just a career choice but an ongoing adventure.


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