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HR Executive Job Description & Responsibilities

What’s the best and most crucial resource an HR executive job description can have?

You probably must be thinking of gold, silver, etc but no, the most powerful resource that a country HR executive job description can have is its human resource.

Similarly, for a company to run and function at its optimum level it needs high-quality human help that can tackle all the projects of the company and provide value to the organization.

To manage this arsenal of employees a company needs a head called an HR executive job description spearheading all the employees and working on the base level to solve all internal conflicts and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

If you are willing to apply for the position of HR executive job description in a company but don’t know what its responsibilities are then don’t worry because in this blog we will discuss in detail about HR executive job description and its commitment.

Who Is an HR Executive?

Coordination of the human resources department to the organisation is very critical; it does not only create a healthy work environment at home but also increases the turnover of the company.

Moreover, this is the duty of the HR executive and he the head of the HR department becomes the link between the parts of the same HR activities but with different orientation. He ensures that the human resource works as a one and towards the same goal.

Responsibilities Of an HR Executive

But the responsibilities of an HR executive are not just limited to syncing the human resources he has many more functions:

(i) Hires and Fires the Employee

The HR executive of a company is responsible for catering the best human resource to the company, therefore whenever he finds a lack of talent he hires that talent and also fires anyone who is not performing up to the mark.

(ii) Makes Policies

He makes policies by keeping present scenarios in mind.

He ditches or amends the old policies and brings out new and better policies for the betterment of employees and the company.

(iii) Maintains The Decorum Of The Organization

An HR executive ensures that all the employees are adhering to the policies of the company.

This is done to maintain the peace of the company and there is an adage “Peace brings prosperity”

Therefore, an HR executive has to be a watchdog of the policies.

(iv) Grievance

In some industries, the role of the HR executive is extended to readdressing the grievances of the employees.

He ensures that all the employees are satisfied and have no grievances regarding the workplace stress or policies of the company.

This ensures that all employees perform at their optimum and without any problems from the company’s end.

(v) Retention

HR executive makes sure to maintain the retention rate of the company.

Retention rates of the company show that the employees of the company are satisfied and thus maintain the goodwill of the company.

And enhanced Good of the company enables a company to hire new and better employees.

(vi) Act As a Bridge Between Employee and Employer 

The job responsibility of an HR executive is to fulfil the linking role between the personnel and management.

Complaints from every single employee in their company bother employers in terms of psychological as well as being unrealistic.

Therefore, the HR executive makes sure that the voice of employees effectively reaches the employer.

(vii) Maintain HR Records

HR executive has to maintain their records.

These records include the employees hired and fired, the new policies, the revised policies, and everything else related to the functioning of the HR department.

These records are evaluated at the end of the session and thus enable the board to look into how well the year was and what changes need to be made.

(viii) Perform Roles Of a Manager

At the time the HR executive of a company has to act like an interim manager, it is because the duties of a manager and an HR executive are somewhat the same.

Therefore, an HR executive must be ready to serve as a manager in case the post is vacant.

HR Executive Job Description 

A company may require you to fill the position of HR manager, so first make sure that you read the job specification provided by the company carefully.

An HR executive is described in the viewpoint of the HR executive job description.

Here is an example of an HR executive job description.

HR Executive Job Description Example 

We are a Fortune 500 firm searching for an HR professional with strong communication skills to take on administrative duties in our HR Department.

As an HR executive, you will keep records and manage private papers.

We expect you to have great organizational abilities too to manage personnel data.

In the labor department, you must have a strong sense of direction.

HR Executives must be knowledgeable about all facets of the human resources department.

We need someone with appropriate experience, but new applicants are also welcome to apply.

You will be a good negotiator.

Your key responsibilities will include dealing with employee evaluations, debating payroll, and negotiating salary.

It is also critical for HR executives to be current on any changes in employment legislation (federal and state).

Starting your career as an HR professional is a great way to advance in our organization.

Please apply even if you have no experience.

If you read this job description then the following are the jobs that will be assigned to you.

  • Supervised staff.
  • Guide employees and make the best out of them.
  • Assist in the hiring process,
  • Formulate policies for better management.
  • Review employees’ incentives and benefits program.
  • Align company policies to labor laws.
  • Provide skill development courses to employees if necessary.
  • Maintains the productivity of the workplace.
  •  Report to the CEO on the functioning of the company.

So these will be your responsibilities if you apply for HR executive in this company.


Sure, HR executive job is pretty cool, but this position also has a lot of obligations and HR executive is one of the important internal parts, so it has to provide excellent performance and work perfectly.

When you are going to apply for the position of HR executive, reading the job description is highly important because this will assist you in knowing the nature of your work.


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