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Dad and Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

A recent Google search about parenting leads us to lots of blogs, all filled with advice and tips for drained, tired parents. But will you get a little burnt out on all the good, fuzzy, and warm moments? You know the bloggers, the blogs that tell you there’s no greater joy than becoming a parent.

The bloggers that often leave you feel a bit guilty, and then you get frustrated on your kid again and again. If it hits them, then one needs to know about Dad and Buried, the anti-parent parenting blog.

You eventually have various blogs in which you’re stuck for over many years. One must be eager to come up with the latest knowledge on all family, kids, and beyond things. You may get dizzy searching around and around all over various websites that tell you how to become a perfect parent. Well, the Dad and Buried blog definitely gives a different view on the parenting blog genre.

What Is Dad and Buried?

Mike Julianelle is the man behind Dad and Buried. He is a dad from Brooklyn who is in his forties. He was happy in his daily life experiences with his two children. But we are not talking about how his life is all full of rainbows and unicorns as one has children.

He writes the blog as a diary to record his “progress as a father.” If talking about how his kids destroyed his social life, this father describes it as it is.


What Kind of Topics Are in Dad and Buried Blog?

There is no secret that there was an instinctive guilt that accompanies parenting. But many people don’t want to discuss this typical stuff, at least not publicly. You might fear that others would think you are an awful father if you confess to having been angry with your kids very often. People will ridicule you if you show your impatience.

As You Like It Parenting Blog

Important things first: this dad loved his kids. But it doesn’t say that, like all the other parents in the universe, he didn’t lose his patience sometimes. Despite what you watch on online social platforms, life isn’t Pinterest-type perfect. The difference in this blog is that it discloses what a lot of parents want to do but are scared of the public.


Parenting is a struggle and also a blessing, and everyone sometimes has something to advise about how to perform it. But if there was a blog that concluded all the noise and decisively talked about parenting with genuine honesty, humor, and complete reverence to make you feel satisfied, so let us be them. Dad and buried, the anti parent parenting blog, talks about the good and bad actions of Dad’s life.


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