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Alaska’s Parker Schnabel House

A young man named Parker Schnabel, who got his wealth in the mining sector, is the happy owner of a brand-new house. The house is an opulent, spacious mansion befitting a king. Parker has obviously put a lot of effort into earning his money, and he is deserving of the rewards of his hard work. The home offers enough space for Parker and his family to live comfortably, and it’s situated in a stunning area of Alaska.

How Much Did Parker Schnabel Spend and Where Is Parker Schnabel House?

Schnabel made the decision to construct his own home in 2017. The renovation cost him $2 million and took more than a year to finish. The mansion sits on a 20-acre plot of land with a private lake in the northern region of Alaska. The 2,000-square-foot Parker Schnabel house is furnished with gold touches throughout and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What Is So Unique About Parker Schnabel House?

A young man named Parker Schnabel has established himself in the gold mining industry. He is the main character on “Gold Rush,” a Discovery Channel program. The home of Schnabel is unique. This isn’t your typical residence. It’s a treasure trove!

The location of Schnabel’s home was formerly a gold mine. Schnabel and his team extract gold from the dirt using a functional gold mine that is part of the residence. Schnabel utilizes the sluice box at the mine to separate the gold from the pebbles and mud.

Parker Schnabel’s home has an autographed Silvio Berlusconi photo and a mounted grizzly bear head in the living room. A lot of things in the 23-year-old gold miner’s Porcupine Creek, Alaska, house are also reminiscent of his early obsession with the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush.” Along with an oversized metal detector that Schnabel used as a child, there are autographed pictures of miners Todd Hoffman and Rick Ness.


Why Is Parker Schnabel House So Distinctive?

The House of Gold Rush actor Parker Schnabel appears differently on the show than he does in real life. Although it appears to be big and has several rooms in the show, Parker Schnabel house is actually tiny and has just one room. Fans of the show are a little confused as a result of this.

Parker Schnabel’s current residence is where?

Renowned for his work as a reality star on the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush,” Parker Schnabel presently dwells in his own home in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. He shoots the show here as well. He spent $1.7 million on the larger-than-2,000-square-foot home.

In summary

To sum up, Parker Schnabel House is a striking sight. Its building is obviously the result of much thinking and labor, and it will undoubtedly be a well-liked tourist attraction for many years to come. Add Parker Schnabel’s home to your list of things to see if you ever get the chance to travel to Alaska!


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